About Melissa

I am a mother of three who turned my obsession with capturing life into a business. For years I have been given the nickname "paparazzi" and now I want to capture your special moments and turn them into lasting memories!

I love natural light and the way you get that glow right before sunset. Because life isn't perfect I strive to capture the real "you" or "all of you". My favortie pictures are the ones taken when you aren't paying attention, just being you!
I have been taking pictures since as long as I can remember. I got my first camera for my 5th grade graduation and the rest is history. All through high school and college I took photography courses and made the big switch to digital about 5 years ago. I was fighting it but now it is the best thing. (my kids will never know what it is like to have to wait and develop film, they want to see as soon as they hear the click!)

I want to capture the love and craziness of your family during our time together. There will be some posing but mostly a lot of fun! When we meet, don't worry about cranky babies or grumpy kids(or husbands for the that matter), I promise to bring smiles and laughter, or at least a silly face.....

Bring it all, the real you or all of you, I love a challenge!

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